Your (Radio) Moderator Thomas von Oesen

"We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them."

(Albert Einstein)



My hosting/moderating style features:

  • A view of the whole picture, free of particular interests
  • Precision and clarity
  • Unwavering firmness and openness
  • Critical investigation, objectivity and neutrality
  • Respect and affability
  • Appreciation of my dialogue partners

My motivation:

  • Constructive promotion of developmental and growth processes
  • Opening up new horizons and promoting open-mindedness
  • Building bridges, removing fears and encouraging respectful dialogue
  • Creating meaning and orientation and thereby awakening courage and joy in life
  • Questioning old patterns of thought and conduct
  • Actively co-creating a better, more liveable future


  • Demystification, uncovering background information and rendering motivation visible
  • Objective view of conflicts, removing fears and promotion of positive qualities
  • Pointing out ways out of seemingly gridlocked situations
  • Developing new ways of thinking and solutions
  • Awakening the joy in respectful dialogue
  • Promoting integrity