About Science Magazine Zukunftswerkstatt


This programme series aims to identify causes and results of the most urgent, socially relevant questions about our future from science, economics, politics and society, and to provide a platform for experts distinguished by their civic courage for this purpose.

In particular, we seek answers to the following questions:

On what principles are traditional solutions based?
Where are they taking us?
Do alternatives exist that are more supportive of life?

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"We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them."

(Albert Einstein)



Unlike the endless stream of new marketing strategies, which are based on traditional structures of thought and therefore serve only marketing and not problem-solving, Zukunftswerkstatt seeks to move beyond this prison of thought and in doing so identify real causal interconnections.
Objective, scientifically founded observation of cause and effect is our foundation, and is directed against the phenomenon of denial and mystification. Only in this way can we once again take responsibility for our actions and thereby gain in meaning, credibility, joy in life and quality of life.